All Fitness Levels

Our transformation program is tailored to each individual member. You will be paired with an expert coach that matches your style and needs. All ages, injury history, goals, fitness levels and experience are welcome!


Work one-on-one or in semi-private groups with an expert trainer to reach your desired goals, both performance & aesthetics. Your coach will build a custom blueprint to hit your goals and hold you accountable along the entire journey. During this journey, your coach will take care of your nutritional guidance, weekly motivation and answer any question you may have.

The coach you are given will be the best fit for your goals and your experience here at Evolution Fitness Training. Your trainer is there to guide you every step of the way. Your private workouts will be detailed and progressive to make sure you totally understand how and why you do certain exercises.

You will meet on a weekly basis to set goals, talk about your progress and also keep you motivated week after week.

During your personal training sessions, we will keep the workouts fun, effective and intense, to make sure you are achieving the best results possible. Whatever workout style you enjoy most, please let us know so we can provide what’s needed.

Get ready to achieve your guaranteed goals!


At Evolution Fitness Training we are an encouraging and uplifting environment of like-minded individuals (typically 5-12 members per class). HIIT training, Strength & Conditioning, Cardio, Wellness & Recovery classes offered.

At Evolution Fitness Training, our classes are built to increase muscle and strength. Which results in lowered body fat and overall weight. You will be instructed in every class and will be taught proper form to increase exercise knowledge and decrease the likelihood of injury. 

You will be taught from the ground up, so if you are new to exercise or it’s been a really really long time since the last time you worked out consistently… We will make sure you progress at a rate that is comfortable, but still allows for timely results.

Each class is taught by a certified trainer. We take pride in our attention to detail in regards to form and intensity. So that means, we will make suggestions of what weight to use, and how to properly progress each week. You will be given a workout booklet to keep track of the exercises and weight amounts used. 


Go beyond the basics of nutrition with one of our certified Personal Trainers. Whether you struggle with portion control, meal planning, or sustainable habits, we’ll get you right.

We take into account your current lifestyle and everything that goes with it. Each person is built differently and your nutrition will reflect the challenges you may have to make this simple and effective. 

Your nutrition will be broken down into macros and we have full control of when your calories and macros change to  benefit you most. We will provide you a full recipe & Cookbook and depending on the plan given, a Full grocery list for your nutrition will be given also.

Our promise to you, is that your nutrition will fit your lifestyle and your schedule. We are here to provide you seamless guidance from start to finish.

We are able to provide plans for Vegetarians, Vegans, Lactose free, Gluten free and more. What you eat is the most important part of your fitness journey, so we want to make sure we help in every way.